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Mexican Dresses Women Plus Sizes

Tango Costume to Make You Captivating on the Dance Floor

Take a Look At Some Of The Best Tango Costumes Available For people who love to dance especially those who opt for tango dance you need to find a tango costume that will bring out the best look in you. The ballroom dresses these days give a fantastic look every time you dance. It will […]

Spanish Dancer Costume – Flamenco and its Costume

Find Your Spanish Dancer Costume and Accessories Here If you are looking for the right type of costume for a dance program or an event that requires you to look like a real Spanish dancer, it will be best if you will learn more about Spanish dances particularly flamenco and how men and women in […]

Senorita Costume for Spanish Mexican Inspired Events

Find the very best Senorita Costumes and Accessories A Senorita costume can be categorized as a fun and festive way to celebrate Spanish traditions. With all the fun filled ideas out there, you will be able to make a lot of characters and costumes that will make the event truly memorable and fun. The Wild […]

About Traditional Mexican Clothing

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by traditional Mexican clothing. I put this online store together to help bring together sources for traditional Mexican clothing. But also, I wanted to be able to share discounts that I have found here and there around the net. Below, you will find some links to common Mexican clothing like Mexican Blouses or Sombreros so just look around and see what you can find. Online Mexican stores are becoming more and more popular. People are looking for traditional Mexican clothing online because it is so hard to find. Retail stores don't carry these types of clothes so people wanting to purchase have to go to people that make these clothes from home. This site represents an online option to purchase traditional shirts and clothing not found anywhere else. Take into account that I am also bringing to you Mexican clothing items that are sometime 20% to 50% off retail. This will give you the consumer a chance to really save some significant money. Especially, in this type of hard hitting economy. Also, check out the deals that are to your right. These deals are hand selected and represent special items that pop in and out of the market. Mexican Dresses are the fashion cornerstone of traditional Mexican Clothing. Depending on the type of Mexican dress it could represent the time for a wedding or it could be a tradition Mexican folklore dress for a festival. In either way a traditional Mexican dress has a meaning and a function to the occasion. Mexican clothing is just like any other clothes. They consist of the load colored t-short, jeans and some sneakers. But traditional Mexican clothing is more elaborate. This type of clothing combines the influence of native Mexican Indians and a Spanish influence. The elements mixed together produce a strong vivid style with vivid colors. The fabrics used in Mexican clothes come from fibers of cotton, bark and agave. Huipal - The Huipal a traditional Mexican blouse is Spanish for Maya women's Traditional blouse. In traditional festivals this fashion blouse is a significant part of a woman's costume. The colors of the blouse are very significant. Each colored blouse represents the village the women is from, her marital status, her religious beliefs, the authority that she has in her village and her wealth. Rebozo - The rebozo is another Mexican fashion garment. Rebozo's are traditional Mexican shawls that are long enough to wrap around a the entire woman's body. This Mexican shawl is a functional garment used by Mexican women as an extension of there arms. It helps to support laboring mother's weight and helps them to stay in the right position. Mexican folklore dresses - These are very elaborate Mexican dresses used during festivals and celebrations and is worn by traditional fork dancers. Mexico is a very hot area so these mexican dresses were designed for comfort. The fabrics used were breathable fabrics to keep the temperature of the wearer down. The upper part of this dress resembles the Puebla Blouse while the lower half had many tiers and ruffles. Mexican folklore dresses tend to be very long with short puffed sleeves. Mexican Girl Costume Mexican Girl Costume Make your girl the life of the party with this Mexican girl costume Girl's costume comes complete with poncho, skirt and headpiece. Children apparel is ideal for any festive occasion The outfit is very comfortable with a lot of flair. Child Spanish Princess Dress - Mexican or Spanish Costumes Child Spanish Princess Dress - Mexican or Spanish Costumes Price: $28.95 Spanish Princess Dress - This Spanish costume includes the Spanish dancer styled dress and the headpiece. The headpiece differs from what is pictured. It has two closed flowers attached to a comb, and the flowers are covered in glitter. Sombrero - The Mexican hat and an intragal part of traditional Mexican clothing. The sombrero refers to a Mexican hat that has a large brim. The large brim acts as a shield from the Mexican sun that tends to be very hot. These hat are not always fancy. The peasant version tends to be made of straw. Mix this with a traditional Mexican shirt and you have a great outfit. STRAW SOMBRERO HATSTRAW SOMBRERO HAT Mexican clothing is sought all around the world and has influence on a many fashions like sneakers, jeans and shirts of all kinds. Consider this online store a means to get back with your heritage. Once again, thanks for coming by. Mexican Clothing